Board of Directors

2021 – 2022 Leadership

Executive Committee

  • Samy Metyas, MD, President (2019)
  • Glenn Ehresmann, MD, Secretary/Treasurer (2019)

Board of Directors

  • Robin K. Dore, MD (2016)*
  • Gary R. Feldman, MD (2016) *
  • Nancy Lane, MD (2018)
  • Babak Zamiri, MD


Advocacy Committee

  • Gary R. Feldman, MD – Chair
  • Martin Berry, MD
  • Robert Chao, MD
  • Nancy Lane, MD



The California Rheumatology Alliance (CRA) is a specialty physician association comprised of rheumatologists from community practices and medical centers throughout the state. The majority of our members come from the Northern California Rheumatology Society (NCRS), the Southern California Rheumatology Society (SCRS) and the San Diego Rheumatology Society (SDRS). Our membership has since expanded to include all those health professionals regularly engaged in the care of patients with rheumatic diseases. Please contact Shanna Usui for more information about our organization.

Mission Statement

Advocacy for Patient Access to Rheumatology Care.